Tuesday, September 1, 2009

BitDefender Problem

BitDefender an Epic failure

It protects you from viruses by freezing the computer so no one can use it.

For those that don’t know BitDefender is an antivirus and is a total waste of money and time. Because of the PR I bought a license for BitDefender Total Security 2010, after the installation problems started to show.

On the first day it didn’t cause much trouble, it only stopped the system a couple of times. But he real problems started to show from the second day, BitDefender consumes a lot of resources the Windows boot up was slowed down, after 1 minute of waiting I was able to get in. I use an Intel Core2 Quad Q9650 3.0GHz processor, and this shouldn’t happen.

The main problem of BitDefender 2010 or any edition is that it uses too many resources for nothing. The name of the program should be BitDefender Freeze 2010, because it freezes on start up, on shut down, and in the rest of the time.

Why it freezes on shut down?

I haven’t seen anything like this; BitDefender freezes the system on shut down.

If you are planning to use the internet you have a problem. You can’t use BitDefender and surf the internet. Even at the lowest settings or in the game mod the internet connection slows down and eventually dies.

There isn’t a stop or exit buttons for BitDefender 2010, it runs and doesn’t stop. And you are stuck with a PC that is useless. I you try to open a file it freezes, you can use the internet, and you can’t shut down the computer.

And this is not the end, the nightmare doesn’t stop when you uninstall BitDefender, even then the system is running slow. This is incredible I haven’t used a program like this junk.

So basically BitDefender 2010 destroys your system, I had to install a new copy of Windows XP so I can use the systems resources. If you have an enemy this is the perfect gift, it will drive him crazy in a single day.

I have tested almost all the antivirus in the market, and they run better than BitDefender 2010. Even ZoneAlarm is working better; it can find viruses that BitDefender 2010 misses.

BitDefender 2010 is a malware, you can’t get rid of him, and it is by all means a Trojan House, which will make you life miserable.

Don’t buy or install BitDefender 2010, because if you do, you are in for a nasty surprise.


  1. Yep, it's a big problem. Also we referred some clients to buy their software and our clients called us back and told us of their awful support. They hang up on you, and most times you cannot reach ANYONE. I think it's just marketing BS. They're not that good anymore, especially for vista 64 bit.

    Here is our blog link and we discuss security stuff: http://www.nbsincorp.com/blog/category/antivirus-comparison/

    For those who need advice on computers or business in general here is our main website:


  2. I upgraded all my PCs from BDAV 2009 to 2010 and eventually had to downgrade back to 2009 on all of them. I had various issues such as slow network, inability to apply BD updates. Also, the home networking funtionality still does not work on some PCs. I'm running various OSs including XP32 and Vista64. I should add that I cannot get a reponse from BD tech support. It's been 3 weeks and no response. I've heard that they had a lot of layoffs and closed their US offices and support is handled out of Romania. I'm considering moving to one of the others such as Avast, AVG, Avira, Eset, Kaspersky, NOD32.

  3. Hello all,

    First, we are extremely sorry for the difficulties you have encountered not only with the product but also with your many attempts at getting product support. Please be assured that we are aware of our areas that need continued improvement in terms of support, have implemented some new methods of contact, and improved existing methods so it will be much easier to obtain the support you need.

    For any future problems you can use the following methods to get the help you need. First, if you are on Twitter please contact @BitsyBD. The Social Media staff directly monitors this account and will personally disseminate issues to the appropriate technical staff. Or, you can email them at Bitsy@bitdefender.com.

    Also, through our website we have an improved contact function, found at the following link:


    Please, don't hesitate to email us.

    Nicole - BitDefender North America, Social Media

    1. If I can get some support, either I some how got BD but never knew it, or this one person that I used to know (He was a hacker that made Trojans :/) hacked into my internet and ONLY shut down internet access to Windows 7 by giving me BD, either way I need a uninstalment process. Linix works just fine (I have two OS's on my system, mostly as a back up) with fill internet, how I'm on here, but in Windows 7 I can connect to google.com with cmd and all packets go though, but when I use Skype, Steam, Dropbox, even Mozilla and Crome it doesn't do anything. I type "google.com" in both Mozilla and Crome but nothing happens, it just stays a "New Tab". So basically, I have internet but can't use it. All other PC's and phones can connect to the internet. Would like some support and how to find out if a "Chris Harris" is in my internet and going into my PC, is their a way to block a IP from getting into the internet? Better yet, fry his computer.

  4. I think you don't know anything about security solutions and how to configure them.

    I'm using BitDefender Total Security 2010 (1 license/3 Pc's bought online) on my ~3 years old laptop, Intel Core 2 Duo 1,5 Ghz, 1GB Ram and Windows XP. I never had any issues with it, my computer is working just fine without any slowdowns or freezes.
    I also have it installed on my desktop PC (a newer PC running Win 7....and as expected no issues here either)
    My girlfriend uses same security solution on an AMD X2 64, Win Vista, 2GB Ram....also no issues there. Performance is the same with BD installed or without it.
    All Pc's are connected to the internet, LAN and wireless, 24h/day. I never had a malware issue... or loss of connectivity due to Bitdefender.

    Check your computer for other security solutions before writing a post like this. I'm absolutely sure you are using Bidefender together with at least one other security solution on the same Pc.

    From your non-technical description I can imagine that you don't know much about software and computers.
    Indeed, the product interface in Expert mode seems difficult to use, but it provides you with features that you won't find in other solutions...If you know how to use it, trust me, it's a very nice and advanced security solution. And malware detection is not bad either compared to others like Kaspersky, Eset...just check the latest av-comparatives tests.

    To Loeb: Eset is the company that produces NOD32, the solution is Eset NOD32....what more can I say...

    1. Get off this blog. You are not welcome here.
      We don't need paid shills infiltrating into this blog.

  5. why am I not surprised to find a blog about problems with bitdefender. I have used Bitdefender 2009 and 2010 for extended periods of time, on multiple pc's with fresh installs of Windows xp 64bit, vista 32 & 64bit and windows 7 32 & 64bit. In all cases bitdefender stops working after a month or two. Right now I'm trying to uninstall 2010 from my windows 7 ultimate 32bit retail version laptop with no success, thats how I ended up here. unstalling it just brings up a vsserv.exe can't access issue. This program is a disgrace. SAVE YOUR MONEY EVERYBODY UNTILL BITDEFENDER ARE SHAMED INTO GETTING THERE PROGRAM WORKING PROPERLY. Bitdefender really does suck. It's sucks big time.

  6. I wish I had found this before I bought it! I have one pretty much non-fundtional computer and one not running well. Bitdefender 2009 seemed to be OK, but 2010 is killing my computers and wasting my time. I haven't heard back from support on an open ticket for more than 24 hours.

  7. >:( BitDefender is total ass from day one. I wanted to try it out since it looked good, regret it. It crashed my computer like two minutes into bootup, but after uninstalling that turd I'm fine. I use an old-ish Lenovo ThinkPad btw.

  8. I purchased bitdefender too, I loved it for the first 2 months and recomended it to friends. I have since warned them not to purchase this program. I too bought into the hype. I purchased in Sept of 09, as of Dec 09 I could no longer install the program. After several reformats/clean installs, I realized Bitdefender was the source of my problems. Kept thinking a virus was getting to my comp. Without Bitdefender installed my computer has been running fine. I keep checking bitdefender forms for when they will fix the problems. But nothing has changed. I might have just wasted $40 and hours of headache on Bitdefender

  9. I too have experienced problems with Bitdefender 2010 (BD10), but have since solved the issue. Here's what I did:

    After the initial install (which failed), I rebooted, did a custom install, and was able to install successfully. After pulling up a few sites in Firefox (FF), I began getting the browser timeouts/white pages. I opened a command prompt and ran a ping to my workplace servers, which timed out continually. I then ran a tracert to find where the pings were being blocked. Sure enough, they were reaching my servers and dying before coming home.

    I ran a repair from the BD folder, which removed the install and prompted for a reboot. Before the reboot, I opened FF and was able to successfully pull up non-cached pages. After the reboot, BD reinstalled (as was designed to do). FF opened once again, timed out once again.

    I then opened Basic Settings by r-click on the BD icon in the active program icon tray. From there I unchecked all Security Settings and then turned on settings one by one. After checking on the Firewall, the problems returned.

    Summary: Off stays BD's Firewall, FF works fine, but I'd start with running a repair, and go from there.

    Another benefit I've discovered is that the vsserv task that runs under BD no longer gobbles up the 70-80% CPU that it once did, and is now running a tolerable 20-30% when it cranks up.

    Another tip: DON'T check off the Disable DNS Caching. Doing so will eventually kill BD's update engine, plus cause other d/l'ing problems.

  10. An addition to my previous post...I've now discovered that BD's Firewall has mysteriously turned itself back on , yet I'm still able to surf without timeouts/white pages. Weird. Wondering now if the problem resides in the installer. Will continue to monitor and post here.

  11. Nicole- BD2010 really needs to add a "suspend services" option off of the active program icon, or a method to prevent startup of BD when bringing up one's computer. To have a product that is obviously having issues and lacking a way to suspend/stop all BD services is not a smart thing to do.

  12. Blockage problems have returned today, although I did manage to disable enough "features" of BD to attain connectivity once again by setting Identity control and Anti-virus control to Permissive . A reboot was required to reset these policy changes. I realize I'm running on a fraction of the engine I'm paying for, but then again, I don't engage in many "risky" services on this workstation. My web browsing is protected by the Noscript plug-in on my FF (an absolute must-have for any FF user), and I always run contextual scans on anything I do install. Hoping that BD finds the cures to these rather important issues soon. Nicole, if you're reading this, I'll be glad to work with you as a tester to get these issues resolved. Drop me an email at my Gmail addy...

  13. BITDEFENDER SUCKS!! My husband and I purchased three licenses... one for a brand new computer. My new computer is sooo slow. Ive had it for 1 week and w BD installed it takes 4 minutes to open a webpage. It locks up programs. I uninstalled it on my older laptop and the laptop is running smoothly again (thank goodness!). My husband uninstalled his and purchased Kapersky. Hope that works. I do want to say that BD helped me rid my computer (old one) of a conficker worm which was really challenging to remove so for that I am thankful but beyond that.... IT SUCKS!!! DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!

  14. dude Bitdefender pays other review sites , like toptenreviews, to say they are the best . What more can you expect from a company that does that? Instead give the money on improving the product they are spending them on advertising to fool users! Bitdefender sucks ass, a bunch of incompetent romanian programmers that experiment on our money. Now i understand why they give us free upgrades.

  15. I installed this POS program on my my XP PRO 64 bit system, with an AMD 7550 dual core processor and 4 gb DDR2 1000Mhz memory. At first everything seemed fine, then it wouldn't allow me to install any windows updates, then little by little the computer got slower and slower, to the point of wanting to throw it through a wall.

    The freaking program doesn't allow you to shut it down or stop it services. Ended up have to re-install my complete OS in order to get things back to normal.


  16. Well I join you guys!
    My new EliteBook collapses after start-up and ends with the blue screen. The only problem noticed by technicians is BitDefender!!!
    The usual bug code is 0xFD237000, 0X0000002, 0X0000000, 0XB4D9DBC0

  17. Hi
    I changed from Norton to BitDefender this year (Jan 2010), I had a bad run with BD (corporate installation) in 2007 (Vista Laptops), but I hoped that these issued were sorted out by now. I now purchased 5-up licence, for two W7 laptops, an XP laptop, and an XP desktop at home. vsserv.exe stops on all of them, every few days, leaving the PC vulnerable.

    I am ready to return to Norton...

    Allen - Melbourne

  18. Once upon a time, I was a valued BitDefender Customer. Now it is my goal to become their #1 sworn enemy.

    The 2008, 2009 versions of Total Security worked great, it kept my computer safe, clean and working in great condition.

    Then I installed the piece of shit known as Total Security 2010 and my world turned upside down.

    I was browsing on the web and the little red icon would turn grey, which basically slowed my computer to a complete HALT! I am talking no activity, nothing notta.

    I called BitDefender's suck ass tech team and they said uninstall it, reinstall it and hung up on me. Yes, they hung up on me, before I could even ask another question.

    So I uninstalled, re-installed and it did nothing but make it worse, the freezes started more often, computer start up was slow, computer shut down was slower, doing anything at all was slowing the computer down. I had enough of Bitdefender I called them and I said I have taken this thing off of my computer and it is working like it is brand new. I informed them that I wanted my money back. They said fill out the refund policy form on the website.

    I did it.


    We kindly inform you that the issue you experience can be solved and your
    refund request cannot be honored as you have passes the 30-day money back
    guarantee to which you agreed when placing the order.
    We can either start troubleshooting this situation or provide you with a
    downgrade to BitDefender 2009, a version which can be compatible with your
    operating system.



  19. I was wondering how long it was going to take for someone to post up something like this. I although would not rank myself as an expert, I would say that I've had many years of experience as far as the security of my systems are concerned. Which brings me to BitDefender. Bitdefender 2009 worked excellent. For the first time in a long time, here was something that although it slightly slowed down my laptop was WORKING. I had been through AVG, Avast,McAfee and of course Norton Antivirus (which I had used for many years(the updates unfortunately were taking up way too much space).All in all I have been through the best that opensource or free antiviruses can afford me. Then in search for an antivirus that would afford me a "higher level of service". 2009 as I said worked great on both my Vista and XP Systems who only carry 1 security system at a time. 2010 on the other hand worked well on my Vista,
    HOWEVER, on my XP, within a week of updating to 2010 and downloading the Microsoft Updates(which Bitdefender had taken over), I lost access to my both browsers (firefox and IE). My system resources were being sucked away from anything I wanted to do(open a simple notepad document took like 5 mins) because the three programs that were sucking out most of my 2 or 3GB of RAM. (During uninstallation of 2009 or nthe installation of 2010 I got an error message reporting that some temp file from the Bitdefender threat scanner folder could not be accessed). After all this issues, I attempted to uninstall Bitdefender 2010 after finding out that it could be the most probable cause for the lost of my browsers. I tried to install back over 2009 and got more issues. I was appauled that bitdefender's folders were still present through out the system. No files or registry keys could have been deleted.(i COULD'T EVEN INSTALL BACK 2010 MEANING AT THAT POINT I HAD NO WORKING ANTIVIRUS ON MY SYSTEM) I HAD TO DOWNLOAD A SEPARATE UNINSTALLATION FILE FOR BITDEFENDER TO FINALLY MOVE IT FROM MY SYSTEM.

  20. Christ man, this thing has just hosed my Computer. They messed up BIG TIME. Anyone with Windows 7 64 bit got their computer hosed Saturday evening by this POS.

    Now mainstream security sites are reporting on this problem.


    If you want to laugh, buy some popcorn and read this EPIC FAIL thread over at bitdefender.


  21. Today was my last day at my job supporting an Anti-virus program that was powered by the Bit Defender AV engine. This is probably going to be a super long post but I have a lot of things I need to get off my back now that I'm done with the job.

    Back in 2008 when I started at the company it ran off Kaspersky Labs AV engine and the job wasn't bad at all. The Dept on average took about 100 calls a day. Rarely did we ever have times where more then 2 people were on hold at a time. Customers were happy and it wasn't a bad job.

    Then in 2009 it was announced that there would be a switch over to a new company called Bit Defender. It was a very messy transition to say the least. Called volume doubled but I thought it was just temporary and would die down once everyone got switched over.

    The 2009 version had problems, but when it came to the 2010 version they massively f'd it up big time. It got so bad that we just had to stop troubleshooting the 2010 for most issues and just send them back the 2009 version.

    Call volume was now around 400+ per day and always had at least 10 people holding at all times. So instead of holding for 5 mins now people were holding for 50 mins and boy that puts them in a great f#ing mood!. So many techs got sick and tired of how horrible the job had become because of the switch to Bit-defender that only 1/3rd of the staff there remains. I just couldn't take it anymore either. I have supported quite a few different software programs but none have ever been worse then when this company switched over to Bit Defender. The program is just flat out poorly designed and programmed and there is no way I would ever recommend it to anyone after seeing how unstable a program it really is. Refund requests with the 2010 version got so bad I thought they might go out of business at one point.

    Plus you would think that as company does business with them that you could get faster support from them than a poster on a forum but it took my supervisor weeks to get a response but it doesn't seem to matter. The only people that seem to respond fast are there PR firm when a crisis breaks out.

    So to summarize this whole post from my experiences dealing with thousands of customers.Exactly what the poster of this blog says is true.

    It will slow down your computer.

    If you do get it running it will eventually just randomly shut off leaving you unprotected long enough to get a virus that will lock up your computer.

    It will frustrate the crap out of you having to always need support for it and not being able to get it.

  22. Another problem for this hillarious program is the virus scan. It autocloses your monitor. I thought it was a virus or something but guess what... Its just another BitDefender error. I only bought it because a review was saying that BitDefender was the best. Well, the people which posted the review should use it and face all the errors avaible and get sick of it.

  23. I wish I had read this blog before buying a 5-pc subscription of Bit Defender 2010. As my computer is freezing 3 or 4 times in a good day, I'll just forget the US$70 spent and look for another antivirus. Or stay with a freeware one that works.

    Pity. The reviews were so good for BitDefender...

  24. As a workaround, you can remove the service by taking BDAgent out of the Startup menu until you decide whether or not to keep the software on your workstation. Additionally, I set vsserv.exe to low priority to prevent it from hogging resources. If BD were to address the latter "resource hogging" issue, they'd cure a good bunch of these problems.

  25. I just want to share with you guys.
    sometimes when you uninstall any security software out off ur comp. , it'd effect to ur internet connection. However, their is a way to fix this problem. I got this problem before N i used this little Program called WinSockFix. This tiny program is fixed all internet connectivity issues on my PC.
    So why don't u give a shot ... :)


    Please let us know, if it work on urs PC...

  26. Do you know why you guys have problems with computer security? It is because you don't do a full cleanup before you install an anti-virus program. You should cleanup all your computer history, internet, and temporary files. Next thing to do is cleanup the registry (this is a risky thing to do) if you dont know how to do a proper registry cleanup then you should seek guidance. After doing that you should defrag the registry to improve your PC's speed and effectiveness. After that the final thing to do is defrag your disk. Defragging a disk is like arranging your personal documents or school work in an organized way for easy access. For example your files is like the alphabet, if you haven't defragged your PC then your disk is like this: sahdhfiwebvbabewawev. A scrambled up alphabet, you want your files to be like this: abcdefghijk.. and so on. You can do these things by looking up online for programs or here are websites I recommend:

    www.techsupportalert.com - Tons of free program from editing to security.

    www.http://www.piriform.com/ccleaner - This is to cleanup your computer

    http://free-registry-cleaner.wisecleaner.com/registry-cleaner.htm - Clean your registry and defrag it.

    http://www.auslogics.com/en/software/disk-defrag/ - This to defrag your disk to enable full optimization.

    The website I have provided you have very outstanding programs. I use them myself for 3 years now and they keep my computer in tip-top shape.

  27. AVG Free is the way to go. I've had no problems, yet my buddy who has BitDefender has crap go wrong with his all the time. Then, he tries to deal with their customer support and ends up with more problems. From all that I can gather, BitDefender is really junk. I have a theory that they are the cause of the virus problems he encounters.

  28. Hi,
    I wish I read this chain before purchasing this inferior product. It does not defend letting all kind ov viruses in, it also slows computer enormously. BitDefender is no match to Norton, I never experienced such issues. Also, BitDefender's customer services is terrible. They are liers, their customer service is a waste of time with no result. Shame on them.

    Ruslan Gusarov

  29. My father bought bitdefender after seeing that tons of magazines and review sites always had it in the top three, listing it as using very few system resources.

    I don't know if bitdefender paid those sites/magazines off for good reviews or what, but it's day 1 and already I hate this antivirus. It's already "not responding" a good 1/5 of the time the computer is on, it slows down the opening of webpages significantly (and even worse, it seems to freeze the whole browser for a few moments while it opens new pages...so you can't even tab away to tear your view from the agonizing slowness). It also randomly runs in the background sometimes making the computer slow down and make a ton of noise like it's using a ton of resources, but when you look, it isn't. Like it somehow tricks your system into thinking it's not using resources when it is? I don't know, it's very strange.

    Also, why the hell can't I turn it off/disable it?! That's INSANE. The only way to turn it off for a moment to try and have some lag-free peace is to uninstall the entire antivirus?!

    I thought I hated Kaspersky, but at least you could turn it off sometimes when it was causing problems!

  30. Hi,
    I am another poor sap that bought this program! Argh!!!!!!!! I could tell you but.........Argh!!!!!!!!!!!
    The thing is..........argh!!!!!
    Does anybody have a suggestion as to what is the best antivirus software to use!!!!

  31. BitDefender is a joke. This program hogs up all your computer memory and slows it down to the point of disappointment. I have the 2011 Beta version and I'm going to uninstall it.

  32. download bit defender total security+key working till 2047 from below link::


  33. Bit Defender 2011

    Had nothing but problems with this, the settings change on their own blocking access to all websites, firewall changes to public on it's own meaning no other pc's can access the network have to restart pc to get back access emailed support 3 times no reply, I am sure they have no clue what is going on or how to rectify it. My advise DON'T BUY if you want to waste your money throw it out the window.

  34. Got rid of Bit Defender today and bought Norton 2011. I have never been happier. Everything people have posted here is abusolutely true about Bit Defender: IT IS SHITE!

  35. Hy, my name is Carmen and I am a BitDefender representative.

    First and foremost, we are extremly sorry for the difficulties you have encoutered not only with our product but also with the support you received. Please rest assured that we are continuously trying to improve our
    support methods and to reach our customers when they need us.

    I am planning to stick around here so drop me a note for your issue and I will try to help you. J

  36. @Rustam: BitDefender has 3 methods of protection: on demand scan (scheduled scans, manual scans or contextual scans), on access scan (real time protection which scans all the files you are accessing in real time, the web traffic, email traffic, Instant Messenger traffic) and Active Virus Control (AVC) which detects potentially harmful applications based on their behaviour. To make sure you have the best protection please use all of them: schedule a Full System Scan every day and a Deep System Scan every week, keep the Real Time Protection at least on Default level and keep the AVC enabled. For better understanding of the encoutered situation can you please give us some examples of the kind of viruses BitDefender was not detecting or blocking? We’ll do our best to immediately add detection against those threats. Also, I would really appreciate if you could provide us with a Ticket ID from the subject of an email received from us. This way we will be able to gather more details about the encoutered situation and to review the support received. Thanks!

  37. @Gorbachenko: We are sorry that our product didn’t meet your expectation. We hope you will recosider our products in the future,..by the way, did you check our application for Facebook? You can check it here: http://apps.facebook.com/bd-safego :)

    @Richard: We’ve sent you an e-mail regarding your issue.

    For any future issues you can use the following methods to get the help you need.
    Fill in the contact form to send us an email: http://www.bitdefender.com/site/Main/contactForm/
    Live Assistance: http://kb.bitdefender.com/site/getSupport/
    Phone Assistance: http://www.bitdefender.com/site/Main/contactPhone/
    BitDefender Forum: http://forum.bitdefender.com/
    If you are on Twitter please contact @BitsyBD
    Or visit us on Facebook: http://saf.li/58zyk

  38. too many protection layers and features... does it really needs for your customers? In the end they just using it without knowing it and the BDAV make our PC slowing down...

    for the recommendations.. NEVER USE BitDefender in slow notebook with low voltage CPU's like Intel Core 2 Solo ULV. BitDefender wouldn't protecting you instead make your notebook god damn slow, in the end you can't do anything except remove the BitDefender.

    Huge installation file (almost 300MB) that's kinda hurt for just an AV. no direct download provided in BD website. 32bit and 64bit are separated for each file. impractical for me...

  39. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  40. BitDefender 2011 is very customisable & user friendly. Powerful user interface with great features.

    But it lacks testing: it may happen that some features change automatically, some settings are not saved & some rules seem to work but they are not actually working. This leads to loopholes that are obviously unacceptable.

    Many of these loopholes were supposed to be rectified in BitDefender 2011 but actually were never tackled. Many users request support for these leading to:

    -> A non-existent support compared to the number of problems/issues that need to be addressed individually to get the software running correctly on each machine.

    -> Not to forget that many users do not even notice when their software are not actually working (due to the false working messages). This is quite dangerous for their pc/network security. And they will probably add a +1 rating to BitDefender when they should not.

  41. Hi. I've used BD 2009 before and I found it to be user friendly and fast. When it expired it was thus natually for me to head to BD 2011. I bought the package: 3PC protection for 1 year.

    To my horror: All 3 computers slowed down tremendously. The first laptop i may understand as it was a 4 year old centrino with 1 GB ram. On my gaming desktop which was a QUAD CORE Q6700 WITH 2 GB RAM, it took my computer 5 HOURS TO FINISH A DEEP SCAN.

    What is worse is that on my 1 month old laptop - a Core i7-720QM with 4 GB, the slowdown was so bad I could see a 200% increase in start up and loading time. I immediately uninstalled and reuse my free Norman security suite(a typically pretty unknown company) which runs much faster.

    Never will return to BD. Prolly get a Norton after this.

  42. Hmm, I thought I found an interesting review of BitDefender here, making my decision on which antivirus to buy a bit less difficult.
    Till I analysed some of the reactions and found one person is writing many reactions, using eacht time a different name.
    So, whatever that person's problem with BitDefender was, by posting like this he proves to be less reliable than the scanner he's got a problem with. As he's posing as an individual this makes it worse.

  43. Eh eh, talking such rot... Have a year-license for BitDefender 2011 and I'm absolutely satisfied with this AV... It seems you people complaining about the software are just unable to use it. At least for an IT like me, everything makes sense, the definitions are mostly up to date and the service is running fine. Already contacted support, didn't even take them a day to reply... This is a good AV compared to Norton and shit like that... learn to use a PC and problems will stop immediately...

  44. The only thing that sucks here is you. It works great for me and other millions worldwide. So.. I guess it's something like "intel inside, idiot outside".

  45. hi...! when you browse the internet, bitdefender also scans that webpage to ensure if theres a virus on it,, i think thats the reason why bitdefender sucks at surfing the internet..

  46. i once have a laptop with no anti virus,,the average download speed when i download a file is 300kb/s.. but when i had reformat my laptop and installed bitdefenter 2010 total security the average speed of downloading is down to 30kb/s.. and its really frustrating..

  47. anti virus programs is bullshit!!! instead of anti virus programs,, i used spybot, spyware blaster and usb security softwares... and really good.. take my advise,, i can guarantee it.. thanks...

  48. I am using Bit defender total Security 2011 for months and this hasn't gave me a problem yet.No slowdown in system, no slow internet connection. As i am a gamer too, so my games run also fine.Bitdefender doesn't take so much resources.In my PC just 40mb.I have a 4GB of RAM,so this isn't a big amount of memory.

  49. We have 2 custom built PC's and a Sony Laptop, all with BitDefender total security 2011. We run windows 7 64bit on PC's and 32bit on laptop, clean install. After a couple months of having BDTS 2011, the updates would crash BitDefender. after many many more months that issue was fixed...

    We cannot send emails larger than 3MB, cos bit defender blocks it due to a bug they cannot fix, and the BITDEFENDER SUPPORT says to start PC in safe mode, delete a bitdefender file, restart again send email. This has to be done everytime an update is done!!! UNACCEPTABLE.

    Now BD just occasionally fails to start, leaving the computer unprotected. WE WILL NEVER BUY BITDEFENDER AGAIN. Going back to Kaspersky!

  50. To late BitDefender.....I have gotten with you on these problems via e-mails informing you of these serious issues I was having. You have lost the game, and the game should be for you to never stop on needed improvements to your engine, and whatever else it takes. Customers like myself want one thing and one thing only, your software to work as close to 100% as possible. I must admit, I was willing to put up with the slight glitches in your 09,10 versions until the latter part of the 2010 version when it then started freezing all time and acting the fool. Now 2011 forget it, it crashed and I almost couldn't my computer to respond in order to remove your garbage. I went to AVG and am very pleased with AVG thus far, at least until they mess it up like Norton did also.

    Good bye,
    D. C. Wheat

  51. Im using Bitdefender since 2009 version. NEVER had ANY problem of any kind.
    It's a great "TOtal Security" software. Check your computers before install Bitdefender and make sure you are not using any other kind of program.


  52. Jeez! I wish I'd seen this before I purchased. The reviews I read didn't mention any of this. Browsing virtually stopped after installing BD AntiVirus, and no, I'm not a newbie - been a PC user since the Internet started. Constant CPU hits, and what the HELL is all that hard drive activity? Just reading about the BSOD when...aargh! BSOD! PC crashed and rebooted. Now going to waste time removing and replacing with ones that work - AVG & Avast. Damn!

  53. Clean install on win 7 x64 duel xeon 6 cores 24 gig ram and this S*&!T anti virus keeps slowing down system/crashing--im jumping ship, waste of money

  54. I'll Agree they suck snot balls & hurricanes.I have two pc's with non-working lan connections after using their rescue cd.

  55. Make sure that Windows Defender is not running. You can follow instructions like these to turn it off: http://helpdeskgeek.com/windows-vista-tips/what-is-msmpeng-exe/

    I was having the problem of XP SP3 taking 20 minutes to boot. I turned off Defender and the problem went away.

    BitDefender does not play nice with ANY other real time scanner. If you are having grief, this is most likely your cause.

    P.S. When I installed BD TS 2012 I had already checked that Defender was off, so I'm not sure how it got turned back on.

  56. BD 2013 really sucks...WHY ?

    - Slows down internet
    - PC crashes continuously
    - Safebox shows 100% full with no files on it.
    - Antitheft shows location in another country.(Whats the point if its not accurate)

    - Customer service will not reply before 15 days.

    - They are using their customers as their research assistants..they have lots of bugs..as a customer you have to complain them everytime..make loga for them..experiment on their instructions and so on..so basically they are experimenting their product on us.

    - NEVER BUY THIS PRODUCT..if it runs ok, you are lucky BUT if you have any problem..there will be nobody to help you.

  57. Lol Bitdefender plus 2013 made my OS crash, deleting system files =/ -.- I do not recommend installing it or buying it

  58. Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 has many issues, like 100% CPU usage, Blocking Logmein Acess Remote, Block E-mail ports eand crash win7 computers contantly. I do not recommend. Tech support don´t resolve anything. I have 100 licences for my costumer that today after a update, more issues has beem discovery.

  59. You can go to the forum and see the chaos that is going on there.

  60. I made purchased on 10th July, and now I'm going to make refund.

    My PC was running perfect, until Bitdefender installed.
    This Antivirus software not helping, but causing more problem to my PC.
    Stupid ever system I have seen. They took my PC access authorities over myself... Never ever want this any more !

  61. Installed Bitdefender on 2 windows xp workstations, after i uninstalled bitdefender, the two workstations are not booting.

  62. Seem I run into an unknown virus, and Bit Defender can not update anymore, doesn't boot in Rescue more and can not repair in uninstall phase... so they fail its trial period!

  63. I also do not plan on buying Bit Defender after my license expires. Most of the time, it doesn't interfere but then sometimes it runs something and my poor little CPU is straining and my computer is practically frozen. It takes over a minute just to load a single web page. From a user's point of view, this is very frustrating. If I'm logging on to my computer to work, at it's frozen because my av is running some secret process I cannot turn off (automatic updates and scanning are already turned off. I update regularly, just not when I'm working); then I want to throw my pc out the window. I HAVE WORK TO DO. WHAT IS BITDEFENDER DOING?? Sorry, un-technically-educated as I am, as a layperson pc operator, I choose to opt for a less disruptive av program in future.

  64. I found this anti-virus on reviews and they said it's excellent, and i installed it, i use the new generation, but when i installed, everything was running fine, but tommorow, i had to do system restore to get back and running my BD is still running, it's says loading services forever. I hate BD, it crashed my pc.

  65. I had this junk for 3 years and kept on falling for thier BS were they promeiised ot improve thier customer service and offered a special discount on next year's "product.

    Well I stopped being abused by Bitdefender about a year ago when it refused to let me install a Canon printer on my Windows 7 Pro PC. Since then I have been using the free AVG anti-virus. Works like a charm. Minimal intrusions etc.

  66. I bought Antivirus Plus in May 2014 and have a log of problems. One of the processes vsserv creates 14 network connection on various ports and also to IP address port 4004 and bdagent also creates a large number of connection. When I open a secure VPN connection to my office vsserv still wants to connect to this IP address which is impoosible, The amount of resources used is so heavy that my connection get slower and slower until it eventually dies. I have to break the ADSL connection and starts again and the same thing happens over and over. There is now place to switch this off. All I want is virus protection for my email and when I use a browser. When the VPN connection is open, I only use ssh and telnet, no browser. It looks like I wasted my money again.

  67. I've been working on computers for over 26 years and i've been using BD 2010 for 4 years with no problems, Infact I've installed it on many computers with no problems as well.

  68. Thanks for share with us. If you want to install webroot antivirus software call our webroot tech support number for instant help. they will remove you old antivirus and setup webroot install without any problem