Tuesday, September 1, 2009

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This blog is dedicated to the malware known as BitDefender 2010.

BitDefender 2010 is a disease that must be eradicated

BitDefender 2010 problems

BitDefender Problem

BitDefender an Epic failure

It protects you from viruses by freezing the computer so no one can use it.

For those that don’t know BitDefender is an antivirus and is a total waste of money and time. Because of the PR I bought a license for BitDefender Total Security 2010, after the installation problems started to show.

On the first day it didn’t cause much trouble, it only stopped the system a couple of times. But he real problems started to show from the second day, BitDefender consumes a lot of resources the Windows boot up was slowed down, after 1 minute of waiting I was able to get in. I use an Intel Core2 Quad Q9650 3.0GHz processor, and this shouldn’t happen.

The main problem of BitDefender 2010 or any edition is that it uses too many resources for nothing. The name of the program should be BitDefender Freeze 2010, because it freezes on start up, on shut down, and in the rest of the time.

Why it freezes on shut down?

I haven’t seen anything like this; BitDefender freezes the system on shut down.

If you are planning to use the internet you have a problem. You can’t use BitDefender and surf the internet. Even at the lowest settings or in the game mod the internet connection slows down and eventually dies.

There isn’t a stop or exit buttons for BitDefender 2010, it runs and doesn’t stop. And you are stuck with a PC that is useless. I you try to open a file it freezes, you can use the internet, and you can’t shut down the computer.

And this is not the end, the nightmare doesn’t stop when you uninstall BitDefender, even then the system is running slow. This is incredible I haven’t used a program like this junk.

So basically BitDefender 2010 destroys your system, I had to install a new copy of Windows XP so I can use the systems resources. If you have an enemy this is the perfect gift, it will drive him crazy in a single day.

I have tested almost all the antivirus in the market, and they run better than BitDefender 2010. Even ZoneAlarm is working better; it can find viruses that BitDefender 2010 misses.

BitDefender 2010 is a malware, you can’t get rid of him, and it is by all means a Trojan House, which will make you life miserable.

Don’t buy or install BitDefender 2010, because if you do, you are in for a nasty surprise.